Half Closed Eyes

There are two different founding points of my photographic research, synthesis of two passions, photography and city drawing.

I was influenced by the impressionist poetry who wanted to represent the only perceptible reality mediated by the artist’s sensibility without any reference to the ideal construction of reality to focus only of optical phenomena of vision

At the same time it had a strong appeal even abstractionist negation of reality that enhances their feelings through shapes, lines and colors without giving handholds that allow to bring the image to any reality.

The ICM technique (Intentional Camera Movement) allows you to bring out the essential characteristics of the image that is obtained and shows us a different reality from the one recorded by the eyes. The image is blurred, but it strongly enhances the perceptual characteristics and dynamics, undressed from the details the reality is reduced to its essential elements.

I am interested to propose visual sensations even without worrying about the forms that produce these optical sensations, giving a voice to the suggestions of poetic impressionist contaminated by abstractionist negation and return to the viewer that vision mysterious and fascinating that you get looking at the world


Verona, Piazza dei Signori
Verona, Piazza dei Signori

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